Products & Services

Our Goal
At Magna Carta Companies, we strive to provide personalized products and service to each policyholder and the professional insurance agents and brokers who serve them. It is our goal to provide the best possible coverage and service, at a competitive price. When we deliver on these objectives, we know that we'll be rewarded by retaining you as a customer for years to come. Equally important, our claims service is professional, courteous and fair.

Our Products
Magna Carta offers a broad array of insurance products to meet commercial business needs ranging from standard business owner policies to customized commercial multi-peril packages. Additionally, we offer Workers' Compensation insurance, commercial automobile and umbrella liability in certain markets.

Our comprehensive insurance products have been designed to support a range of industries, such as hospitality, restaurants, real estate owners/managers, and retail business owners. We also offer programs tailored to specific types of real estate risks such as office buildings, shopping centers and multi-family residential buildings. Beyond our wide range of products, we provide a variety of agency and policyholder direct bill payment plans so we can provide flexibility across a diverse client base.

Contact your agent or broker for more specific details on our programs, and find a solution that fits your business.

Our Coverage
We provide coverage for your building and business property if it's damaged by perils such as fire, smoke, lightning, windstorm, water damage, collapse, vandalism and theft. We provide for the cost to replace, repair or rebuild your business. Our policies further provide for loss of earnings resulting from an insured loss and makes sure you will have the money you need to cover your fixed expenses.

The liability section of our policies provide coverage for up to $1,000,000 for personal injury to another person, or damage, or destruction to their property. In addition to this, we offer many optional coverages to enhance your insurance protection.

Our Service
At Magna Carta Companies, we underwrite insurance exclusively through independent insurance agents and brokers. Our primary role is to support these insurance professionals in servicing their clients. We are committed to providing timely quotes, rapid policy issuance, and responsive personal service, through our network of local branch offices.

Our appointed agents and brokers have access to MagNet, a powerful online tool. MagNet offers them tremendous capabilities and can be used to obtain instant quotes on a range of products, download policy forms, view real-time billing information, and even print loss runs - all at the click of a button!

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